Tree Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding in Nuneaton

This is a photo of a machine being used for Stump Grinding. This was carried out by Tree surgeons Nuneaton

Tree Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding in Nuneaton

Sep 9, 2022 | Blog

Tree stumps can be an eyesore in your garden or areas where people frequently gather, stroll, or pass by. You can use various methods to remove tree stumps from your garden. The goal of eliminating the stump is the same whether you have these stumps ground or removed. Stump grinding is very distinct from just removing a stump; nevertheless, it uses different techniques instead of grinding.

Which approach do you believe is the best if you have a tree stump that needs to be permanently disposed of?

Stump removal

The idea behind stump removal and grinding is the same, although “removal” in this context may refer to a distinct technique for specifically “eradicating” the stump.

Tree surgeons still have to deal with a significant workload after removing a large, tall tree, which is the stump. Another challenging task is stump removal. This operation can be completed faster with the proper techniques.

It’s crucial to analyze the tree stump before moving forward with its immediate removal because some stumps require many days to disappear entirely. In contrast, others require a few hours.

Think about the various roots and branches that trees have. The longer it takes to remove the stump, the thicker and more comprehensive it is, and the more complex the tree’s wood is. The tree’s age is another factor that affects how simple or difficult it will be to remove the stump. Old stumps are more straightforward to get rid of.

Stump grinding

One can manually remove a tree stump. First, remove the stump manually or burn it if it’s legal where you live. However, using a powerful instrument, such as a stump grinder, is a quicker and more cost-effective alternative that is also simpler. A tree stump could typically be destroyed in a few hours. More time will be needed if there are more stumps to be removed.

Cut back the tree stump with a chainsaw to the ground before removing it. It will quicken the process, which is advantageous for a large stump. Dig up rocks near the tree stump as well. The cutting wheel of the grinders can sustain teeth damage from rocks and stones.

Cover the grinding hole with the cut wood chips when you believe the stump has wholly dissolved. Mulch should be applied in the same manner, followed by dirt and an even covering of grass seed. Water the area once again. Like how you would care for your lawn, keep an eye on the region.

A stump cutter is used in stump grinding. It is a robust device constructed with a rotating disc that removes the wood. Use power tools instead of hand tools to remove the stump more quickly.

Methods to remove a stump

By Hand

 Some antique stumps are so tiny that they can be dug up with just a few simple tools. It is significantly simpler to haul up a rotted or diseased stump.

A shovel, axe, digging bar, limbing saw, or chainsaw will be necessary.

To leave a stump to serve as leverage when you pull it up later, use the saw to cut off the protruding piece of the stump but don’t cut them as level to the ground.

Cut the roots surrounding the stump one by one after exposing them with the digging bar and shovel.

Check if the trunk can be removed by pushing and pulling it.

After removing the stump, fill the hole with topsoil and level the earth with the shovel. To ensure no stump sign, add grass and rinse the area periodically.

It is always best to hire tree experts to remove the stump in your garden. 

You only need to call our tree service professionals at Tree Surgeon Nuneaton to get the best possible advice on any tree stump removal. 

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